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Need OLM to EML Converter EML file are supporting windows live mail. We all know that Outlook 2011 and 2016 these two versions are available on Mac OS and their Email will be transfer from one Mac OS to other Mac OS and apple os . all the emails and other mailbox like emails, notes or journals etc of Outlook 2011 and 2016 are transfer to OLM file that is responsible to save all mailbox items emails, notes or journals etc of Outlook mac. OLM file are only support in Mac os there is no use in windows os windows EML file support and for that need to Convert OLM to EML. And for this sifo systems doing good job sifo OLM to EML Converter software convert your data into EML file without losing any information.

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Best Features of Sifo OLM to EML Converter Software :

This software allow to create EML file from corrupted or damaged OLM file.

This software maintain all the properties of the mac outlook email like as attachments, email address, To, from, Date, Subject, Content etc

This software give you two methods for conversions (a) single file conversion and (b) multiple file conversion at same time.

Convert Bulk OLM file to EML file.

Recover corrupted and damaged OLM files and convert all file to EML file.

Recover all mailbox of OLM file like Emails/ Calendar/ Contacts/ Task etc.

Supported all MS Outlook of Mac & Windows versions.

Important Features of Sifo OLM to EML Recovery Software

Convert OLM to EML without losing data


Sifo OLM to EML Converter software is able to repair corrupted OLM file. This software recover all OLM file like emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. without losing data original and also able to recover deleted email. Use this tool for safely recover and conversion to EML file.

Easy way to convert OLM to EML

OLM to EMl Converter

This software convert OLM to EML file accurate and make Outlook for Mac email accessible in Ms Outlook . Sifo OLM to EML Conversion software able to recover fast and accurate result

Find option to save requird emails.


In sifo OLM to EML Conversion software have find option for the users to search for important emails based on different criteria like criteria i.e. From, To, Subject, Received before/after (date), and Attachment etc. and this option is best when some time users need to find important mails or file fast.

Preview all mailbox before convert OLM to EML


Sifo OLM to EML Converter software is very smart and advanced it have a demo version by use of demo/ trail version you can see previews of all mailbox before conversion and you can convert OLM to EML 25 mails and for full file conversion you can buy software.

Split EML file


When OLM file is large and its corrupted don’t worry Sifo OLM to EML Recovery software have a best feature by help of this feature you can split you large OLM file into multiple small EML file according to your need and easy to access.

Offers Selective Migration of OLM to EML


If you want to export selective emails or files from OLM to EML file format than you can because Sifo OLM to EML Conevrter software have check and unchecked option by help of that you select your required Email and rest of Emails avoid for exporting non used items in EML file format. And save your time.

User interface of this software


Sifo OLM to EML Converter software does not required and special keys to execute OLM to EML Conversion. User can run this software easily without any need of technical skills its have simple steps for follow to export OLM to EML file.

Windows based utility


Sifo OLM to EML Converter software support all windows OS version like windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 etc to to Transfer Outlook 2011 and 2016 Mac OS OLM file in EML file format.

Batch Conversion of OLM Files


The tool allows you to save multiple emails from an OLM file into EML format. Also,it will maintain the attachments of each email while converting them from Mac OLM to EML format.

Export Selected Items


Mac OLM to EML tool will provide you an option to export selected items from the Mac Outlook, export OLM files to the resultant data files. The best thing about the OLM to EML converter tool is that it displays the export status of Outlook Mac OLM files.

File Naming Option


The software provides the outstanding option to use naming conversions to the file once they are converted. The naming conversion is easy for the user to manage a large number of output files. As well as, the tool preserves the data hierarchy after conversion to EML format.

Safe & Easy to Use Utility


This completely safe tool maintains the data integrity and originality of the file while performing Outlook OLM to Windows Live Mail file conversion process. The tool contains an interactive and simplified user interface that makes it an easy-to-understand application.

Convert Unlimited OLM Files


There is no such limitation issue on the size or the number of Mac OLM files to be migrated. You can use the OLM to Converter for limitless file conversion of any given size without compressing any file attributes and structure during the process.

Recover Corrupted OLM Files


The tool has outstanding inbuilt scanning features to repair damaged, corrupted, deleted OLM files into the original file format. The software restores all crucial mailbox data items including email messages, calendar, contacts, journals, etc. from it.

Software Related Question & Answer


Follow these steps of Sifo OLM to EML Conversion software :-

Download Sifo OLM to EML Converter software and Run for conversion Corrupted OLM file.

Click on “Browse ” button to select OLM file.

And you have two option single and multiple OLM file

Select multiple that you want to convert

For find location of file you use search option of Sifo OLM to EML Conversion software.

Click next button to see preview of all OLM mailbox.

You can filter the data and save data to EML file

Click finish now your data completely converted in EML file format.


Yes you can convert OLM to EML by Sifo demo version software limited mails. Our trail version allow you to save 25 mail from OLM to EML and allow you to see preview of all mailbox.


Yes , Sifo OLM to EML Converter software have feature to search location of Corrupted OLM file. When you forget the location of OLM file you can use this feature. And repair OLM to EML .


Sifo OLM to EML Recovery software is able to recover any size of OLM file. You don’t panic about OLM large size file. Use this tool and make your file safely Recover OLM to EML.


Sifo OLM to EML Converter software able to Repair corrupted OLM file and also deleted mailbox to EML file and the process of OLM to EML Converter software depend on OLM file size. But guarantee Sifo OLM to EML Conversion software give you again access to read mails and work start.

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