Sifo OLM to PST Converter software provide you satisfied result.

OLM file: The OLM file is a data file associated with Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Macintosh and is stored with a file extension .olm. The OLM file stores MS Outlook 2011 data folders such as Inbox, Contacts, Calendar etc. and other related information or data that the application saves from an Exchange server.

OLM to PST Converter software permits a user to convert all items from Mac OLM file to Outlook PST file including emails, calendar, contacts, journals, task, etc. without causing any alteration to the original data. Switching from one email client to another one has become very common these days but not that easy. The same goes for the conversion of MAC mail to Outlook. If you want to export your emails from MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook, then you can go with, Sifo Systems OLM to PST Converter tool, it is safe, secure and helps you out for converting OLM file to PST file without any data defeat.

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Best Features of Sifo OLM to PST Converter Software :

Advanced tool to conduct a complete OLM to PST conversion process.

Perform selective Mac OLM to Windows Outlook migration process.

Generate an instant preview of the selected mailbox and their respective data items.

Convert selected Outlook for Mac data in PST with a quick & 100% accurate process.

Enable the tyro users to operate this OLM to PST Converter tool.

Also, export the OLM file data in PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX/ NSF/ Office 365 etc format.

Date filter option to convert the data of a specific time interval.

Compatible with:→ Windows Operating Systems XP, Win7, Win8, Win10

Save Complete Database:→ Exports OLM files including Inbox, Draft, Deleted box, Tasks, Sent box, Notes etc.

File limitation:→ No file size limitations to Convert any size of OLM files

Supported MS Outlook:→ 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 for Windows (32 and 64 Bit).

Outlook Installation:→ Not compulsory to install Microsoft Outlook.

Important Features of Sifo OLM to PST Conversion Software

OLM to PST Converter


Sifo OLM to PST Converter has the flexibility to convert entire Mac OLM files to Outlook PST format smoothly. It will allow the user to save OLM files in multiple file formats such as NSF, PST, MSG,MBOX, EML, Office 365 etc, without any confusion.

Keeps Folder Hierarchy Intact


Sifo Systems OLM to PST Converter maintain the original structure of emails and make no changes in the content. The Metadata and the folder structure remains the same and no data is missed. It smoothly converts all the folders including Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes, etc.

Converts Outlook for Mac (OLM) File to PST


Sifo Converter for OLM converts mailbox items such as Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes, etc. from Outlook for Mac data file (OLM) to Microsoft Outlook data file (PST). The software maintains the original folder hierarchy, mail settings, and data of your Mac Outlook mailbox during OLM to PST conversion.

Finds and Lists all OLM Files


The ‘Outlook for Mac’ to Microsoft Outlook conversion software provides options such as ‘Browse’ and ‘Find’, which you can use to locate or search an OLM file in your system. The ‘Browse’ option is particularly useful when there are a number of OLM files in your system and you don’t exactly know the location of the file. The software searches all the OLM files and lists them on the interface from where you can then select the particular file to be converted.

Free Preview of Converted OLM Mailbox Items


The software helps you verify the accuracy of converted mail items by displaying a free preview of individual mailbox components, in a three pane window. The left pane of the software interface displays selected OLM filename and its mail items in a tree structure. You can view the list of converted OLM file mails in the middle pane of the interface, while the content of individual mail items is displayed in the right pane.

Smart Saving Options


Sifo Systems Converter for OLM can convert Mac OLM files to Outlook PST and other file formats such as MSG (for message) and EML (for email). When saving a converted OLM mailbox as PST, you have the choice to append the data into an existing PST or save it in a completely new PST. Further, the software also provides the option to filter the scanned results before saving the converted mailbox.

Sifo OLM to PST Recovery Technician


Try the Sifo OLM to PST Recovery Software for more extensive features such as the ability to convert and save OLM files in multiple file formats. Essentially, the Technician edition of the software allows to export the converted OLM file to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, NSF, Office 365 etc. It also enables you to directly export the OLM file data to Office 365

Easy to Use Application


The interactive and self-explanatory user-interface of this OLM file to Outlook converter tool makes this an easy-to-use application. No prior technical expertise is required to use this software so that even a novice user can use it with ease and can transfer OLM to PST.

Migrate OLM to PST 'Selective' Items


The OLM to PST Converter executes the 'Selective File' feature that facilitates the user to select the desired folders they want to convert and wasting their time in converting the entire data. The 'Selective File' feature makes it possible for the user to convert the folders they wish to convert and save their precious time. The software enables the user to select the folders they wish to convert from different categories such as Folders, Tasks, Notes, Calendars, Contacts, and etc.

Allow the users to export OLM to Office 365


The utility provides an extra option to import complete OLM mailbox data in Office 365 with the same folder hierarchy, HTML formatting, integrity with an accurate process. It completes the process with a simple and secure approach with an error-free result.

No file size limitation


This is a remarkable feature to the users that facilitate the user to export high storage consumed OLM file in Outlook PST with the same and original properties and database without losing a single character. Rather than this, it supports all Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook email clients but no need to install or configure in the machine.

Safe and user-friendly


Sifo Systems OLM to PST Converter tool is designed using the highly advanced methodology to perform a safe and secure data transfer process from Outlook for Mac 2016 to PST from a user-friendly interface in a few clicks. The graphical user interface of this tool is completely familiar with non-technical and professional users.

Save Scanning Result


After scanning, OLM to Outlook PST Converter provides an option to save scanned copy of the file. This copy can be used in future to avoid rescanning the entire file all over again which could be time consuming.

Does Not Support Mac OS


Outlook Mac OLM to PST converter cannot be used or installed on any Mac machine. The software supports the export of Outlook 2011 OLM file to PST for MS Outlook in Windows only.

Compatible with all Versions of Outlook and Windows


The OLM to PST Converter supports all the versions of Windows, Outlook, and Exchange Server to transfer OLM files.

Microsoft Outlook: Supports all versions Outlook 2019 / Outlook 2016 / Outlook 2013 / Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2003

Microsoft Windows: Compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Splits Large OLM into Smaller PST files


OLM to PST Converter allows to divide or split the resultant OLM file into small parts by Date, Size, and Folder. The advanced software consists of the 'Split Resultant File' feature allowing the user to split large or oversized OLM files into smaller file parts and manage their files so that the files don't get corrupt. By using this feature, the user can easily divide OLM files ranging from 1 GB to 25 GB.

Best Features of Sifo Systems OLM Converter Software


Sifo Convert Mac OLM into Multiple File Formats.

Sifo Systems OLM to PST Converter is equipped with powerful algorithms and ensures a positive result to the user while converting the data to multiple file formats. The software allows the user to convert OLM data to more than file types such as Outlook PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, NSF and Office 365 etc.

Outlook PST [2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007]:

The software facilitates the user to use OLM files in PST file type.

MBOX [For supported mail clients]:

The converter allows the user to access OLM files in MBOX format.

NSF [For Lotus Notes]:

The tool allows the user to use OLM files in NSF file type.

Import OLM to Office 365:-

Sifo Systems OLM to PST tool consists of the advanced features that ensure 100 % conversion of OLM to Office 365 accounts. From the available options displayed on the screen, the user just has to select the 'Office 365' tab. After selecting the 'Office 365' option, the user simply has to fill the right credential details of their Office 365 account.

Migrate OLM to EML Tool:-

Sifo OLM to PST Converter consists of the latest features that allow the user to move OLM files directly to their respective EML account. From the displayed options on the screen, the user simply has to click on the 'EML' option and fill the correct details of the account. The software allows the user to execute a safe conversion of OLM to EML account directly.



Directly Export OLM to MSG:-

How to Migrate OLM to MSG Account Directly: The OLM to MSG Converter facilitates the user to move OLM to MSG account directly. Use the tool to move OLM mailbox items including emails, contacts, calendar, folders, subfolders, notes, and etc. to MSG accounts directly.

Import OLM to NSF :-

The OLM to NSF Converter is integrated with advanced features to allow the users to import OLM mailbox items to NSF directly. Perform a safe conversion of data from OLM to NSF by using the tool.

Export OLM to MBOX:-

The advanced tool facilitates the users to export OLM to MBOX safely and directly by following a few steps. The users can export OLM mailbox items including Trash and Spam to MBOX by using the powerful tool.

Software Related Question & Answer


Follow these instructions to export OLM to PST: :-

Download Sifo OLM to PST Converter software and Run for conversion Corrupted OLM file.

Click on “Browse ” button to select OLM file.

Once you have selected the OLM file you want to export, click the ‘Convert’ button.

Check preview of the converted mailbox items.

Click the ‘Save Converted File’ button, and select the ‘PST’ file option.

Next, from the ‘Save File’ screen, select the check box for either “Save each mailbox for Individual PST” or “All mailboxes in a single PST” or “Append Data into Existing profile/PST file” as required.

Click the Browse button to select the Destination path, and click the ‘OK’ button to export the OLM File to PST.

To access your mailbox data, import the resultant PST file into Outlook.


No, There is no limitation imposed on the file size. The OLM Extractor can easily export Mac OLM to MSG, MBOX ,NSF, Office 365 or PST file of any given size without inconvenience caused.


Once you have converted your Outlook for Mac 2011 or 2016/2019 (OLM) data to PST format, the next step involves importing the converted OLM file to Outlook 2010 or other versions. The procedure to import the file to Outlook 2010 is as follows:

Open Outlook 2010 and click the ‘File’ tab

Select ‘Open and Export’, and then click the ‘Import/Export’ option

In the ‘Import and Export’ wizard that appears, click ‘Import from another program or file’ and then click theNext button

In the ‘Import a file’ dialog box, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click ‘Next’

In the ‘Import Outlook Data File’ dialog box that appears, click the Browse button to upload the PST file that needs to be imported to Outlook 2010

Under ‘Options’ section, select ‘Replace duplicates with items imported’ to prevent data duplication

Click ‘Next’ and then click ‘Finish’ to convert OLM to PST Outlook 2010


Yes, the software will convert attachments from OLM files to MSG and embedded them into emails of the resultant files in their native format.


Yes, you can import the OLM files to MS Outlook 2016 and even in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007.


Yes, however, the mailboxes should be in a single OLM file to convert to PST, Office 365 or other required format by using Sifo Olm to PST Converter Software.


The OLM file to MSG converter creates a Unicode type PST file which means that there will not be a file size related issue. However, if required, this output PST file can be split in multiple parts by size (in GB) to avail manageability.


Yes, the OLM to Outlook PST Conversion software can help convert all the attachments along with the email messages. The original structure and attributes of the enclosed attachments remain intact during the conversion.


While using the OLM to PST converter, you can convert the unlimited files. The user can convert unlimited OLM files of any size and convert it at a go without losing any data and corrupting the data.


Yes, both Standard and Technician versions of the software are compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and Vista. Also, both the OLM converter software editions support Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 versions. However, the feature to export OLM files to Office 365 is supported by the Technician version.


Yes, the OLM file to PST converter pro software will maintain the folder hierarchy and Meta data will be preserved during conversion.


Yes, you can export OLM files into Outlook 2019 Unicode PST format without any email loss by using Sifo OLM to PST Converter Software.

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