Do exchange edb recovery with sifo systems exchange server recovery software

Microsoft exchange server (.edb file)is very ease & big platform for an organization to send and receive emails ,managing contacts ,events like on calendar as well as for better control of whole company e-communication system from a particular system place . As you know MS exchange server data collected into a backup storage file . edb .In many of conditions edb got corrupted due to lots of undesirable reasons that we do not expect self .So to save your original data from these kind of happenings .Sifo systems developed a exchange edb recovery software that is only identify for exchange server edb mailbox recovery .Lets know ,what this software do for ms exchange server .This sifo edb recovery software tool is one of nice using application to repair ,recover and restore exchange edb mailbox with several of exchange data folders like as inbox,calendar ,notes,contacts ,task,events ,journal ,etc .

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Let’s understand features of exchange edb recovery software through separate one point

Installable on exchange server & windows operating systems

Successfully you can install on windows server operating system and normal windows operating system such as win 10 ,8,7,etc .

Few systems requirement

No much system requirement to install for exchange server recovery

Work on all exchange server versions

Select any of exchange edb mailbox for recovery out of exchange edb 2016 ,edb 2013 ,edb 2010 and all of rest exchange edb versions upto 4.0

Best solution for removal of exchange server errors

This edb recovery tool is safest solution to remove errors & viruses from exchange server ,recover edb mailbox , etc

Recover all exchange edb folders

During recovery of exchange server edb mailbox ,Sifo systems edb recovery tool do recovery of each folder (self created and exchange default ) such as inbox, calendar ,notes, contacts ,task, events ,etc

Create new pst to access exchange edb mailbox

Do you know how will you access your exchange data by using sifo systems exchange edb recovery tool .Lets know ,This software recover and convert edb file into outlook pst file .After getting new pst file open this pst into ms outlook and access all data into ms outlook

Free pst split option with exchange edb recovery software

If you already know about that your edb file is heavy in size and outlook has limit .So choose pst file split option during edb to pst conversion .By using this pst split option of sifo systems exchange edb recovery application ,you can save money

Convert edb into multiple formats

Sifo edb recovery software also provide option to convert edb mailbox into eml,msg,html format

Recover exchange edb with free demo

Free demo help to recover exchange edb file | No charge on use of sifo systems edb recovery software free demo

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Client reviews of SifoSystems EDB Recovery Software

free download edb to pst

" I am happy after using sifo systems exchange edb recovery software .Really application work for exchange edb mailbox and as well as restore all exchange folders successfully ."

Jams Peterson

"A awesome feel come with using of sifo edb recovery software because each feature is easy to use .So I successfully did my edb mailbox recovery . "

Mithali Mekil
convert edb to pst file

"I will say this sifo edb recovery tool is very smart kind of application .I really enjoy working with this software and recovered my exchange edb mailbox with all folders (inbox,calendar ,notes,contacts ,task,notes,etc )."

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